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DuMond Ag

Optimizing our environment
and soil health in the Finger Lakes region

Farming built on innovation

Du Mond Ag, LLC is a crop production entity operating approximately 6,000 acres of farmland primarily in Cayuga County. Our main crops each year include corn, wheat, and soybeans. We also supplement these products with a small amount of alfalfa for conservation purposes.

In addition, within Du Mond Ag, LLC we operate a small cover crop seed sales business, largely to expand the knowledge and use of cover crops within the local agricultural community. Through this off-shoot business, we hope to raise awareness of the positive effects of cover crop use, minimize soil erosion, and improve the overall soil health of the Finger Lakes region.

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At Du Mond Ag, LLC we also feel strongly that precision technology and application play a vital role in the progression of agriculture. We pride ourselves on our willingness to challenge past decisions, make changes and improvements, and learn from our successes—as well as our failures.

In agriculture, no two years are alike. It is impossible to know Mother Nature’s plan for the upcoming growing season. As a result, we focus intensely on studying our variable soils, as they remain relatively constant from year to year. We work to develop intricate soil models, in an effort to optimize the timing, type, utilization, and placement of our valuable inputs. This process allows us to optimize our environmental and economical return.

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From these models, we develop VRL (variable rate layers), which we can then input into our application equipment that are taken to the field. Our goal each year is not to have the highest yield; rather, it is to have the greatest return on our investment for each small subset of every acre we farm—all with minimal environmental impact. We work to understand the nutrient holding capacity of the soils and apply to our fields accordingly. Stabilizing the nutrients is one of our highest priorities.

Our team at Du Mond Ag believes in transparency and honesty when it comes to our farming methods. We pride ourselves on our high-quality approaches and products; therefore, we would like to provide our land lords, both current and future, with a complete list of all that is applied to the land when it is farmed by Du Mond Ag. For more information on our land and farming approaches, read about our Environmental Stewardship.

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Here at Du Mond Ag, LLC we operate a fleet of modern John Deere equipment and machinery, where every major power unit is fully equipped with high accuracy GPS placement from our RTK network. Each of our machines is also equipped with Auto Track, section/swath control, and rate controls. These features allow us to optimally place our inputs with very minimal overlap and waste. Much of our equipment is broken down into 60 inch sections, which provides extremely precise control in our small, angular fields.

Any and all products that are applied to Du Mond Ag soil are spatially mapped, recorded, and stored for future tracking and further efficacy testing and analysis.

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Our corn is planted in 20 inch rows, or “narrow rows,” each year. This is less than the standard planting width of 30 inches. Doing so allows us to reap the benefits of our equipment and operational costs, herbicide reduction, and erosion control.

At Du Mond Ag, we do plant and harvest Non-GMO crops allowing us to offer Non-GMO and GMO Cornmeal and Roasted Soybean Meal to local dairies looking to produce Non-GMO Milk or GMO Milk alike.