Commodities and Cover Crops

Cover Crop
*GMO and Non-GMO available.

Don’t need feed? We sell corn, soybeans, and wheat as well!

Corn and soybeans are available as GMO or Non-GMO.

We work with local crop farmers, large and small, to buy, dry, store, and sell their commodities.

All of our commodities are thoroughly cleaned using a clipper cleaner before being sold or processed into meal.

Du Mond Grain is transparent on pricing of your commodities, allowing you to price it in the past, present, or future. Our pricing is based on the following equation:

    Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) + local basis + transportation 

Benefits of Using Cover Crops

Suppress weeds, disease and pests.
Improve soil and aggregate stability.
Enhance nitrogen levels.
Protect soil from rain and runoff.
Increase organic matter.

Cover Crops

We firmly believe cover crops play an instrumental role in protecting our environment and watershed while simultaneously improving our soil health and crop productivity. In 2015, Du Mond Ag, one of our affiliated businesses, became a Center Seed Dealer with hopes of bringing advanced knowledge of cover crops to the region. Through Center Seed, Du Mond Ag can provide almost any cover crop seed blend your farm may need, cleaned and ready to plant.

We have been using polyculture cover crops for ~ 10 years, we are excited to report we are already seeing significant, positive changes in our soil structure and soil health. Soil samples are taken over time and compared to baseline soil samples from before we began using cover crops to deepen our understanding of how cover crops affect soil.

If you are interested in purchasing cover crops from Du Mond Ag, please call our office at (315) 252 – 9191.

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