Grading and Testing

GMO Discount Schedules

Non-GMO Discount Schedules

Our Quality Philosophy

Quality In = Quality Out

Quality In

  • All inbound commodities are graded upon arrival at our Facility to ensure quality and consistency.
  • We’ve created proprietary discount sheets for each commodity (soybeans, corn, what) to provide a structured basis to reject commodity if it does not meet our quality standards.
  • All commodities are stored in a highly controlled, monitored, and automated environment to ensure quality.

Quality In

  • All our production processes are monitored with dozens to hundreds of temperature sensors to ensure consistency in heating, which leads to consistency in quality.
  • Our automated Facility ensures transport and load-out of products will never lead to contamination or loss of quality.

Our Quality Focused Process


  • Only commodities that meet our standards are imported to our Facility.
  • Our Facility is highly automated, allowing for specific, repetitive functions to ensure quality.
  • Load-out consistency is controlled to safeguard temperature of product in the Facility.
  • Moisture is monitored and controlled throughout our Facility.
  • Cool down of product after production is monitored to ensure optimal nutritional value.


  • Automation ensures quality and standardized production processes and storage.
  • Automation safeguards equipment to ensure optimal function.
  • All equipment follows routine maintenance schedules to keep function consistent.
  • Multiple testing systems and tools are used to ensure ideal moisture levels and nutritional values.


  • Production is scheduled to meet and exceed consumer demands.
  • Ample storage ensures we will always have commodity available to consumers,
  • Products are priced based on past, present, or future trades.

Tests and Equipment

  • Envirologix to run GMO and VOM tests.
  • Perten Tester to run moisture and temperature tests.
  • Bunn Grinder to test for consistent, accurate grind.
  • Seedboro Grading Scale to test for accurate scaling.
  • Seedboro Sieve Shaker to test for broken corn/beans and foreign matter (FM).
  • Dura Tap Meal Shaker to test for particle size.

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