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Our Team

Dumond Farms team members in front of farm landscape

Todd Du Mond

Todd Du Mond graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2001 and returned home to the farm. In 2003, he officially decided agriculture was his career calling. That same year, after taking over the farm operations, Todd began DuMond Ag’s soybean roasting business, which is now recognized as part of DuMond Grain.

Once he chose to take over his family’s farm, Todd fostered its significant expansion over the years. In 2006, the farm increased its acreage from six-hundred to over two-thousand; now, DuMond Ag farms almost six-thousand acres of crops. In 2010, Todd began DuMond Trucking to improve transportation methods for the local farm community. Similarly, in 2015, he expanded DuMond Grain’s processing business to include corn grinding, which yielded cornmeal as a new commodity produced by the farm. Most recently, Todd created a cover crop seed dealership as another piece of DuMond Ag’s ever-growing enterprise.

Todd has served on The New York Corn and Soybean Growers Association board for over ten years. He is also nearing the end of his nine-year term as New York’s representative in the American Soybean Association.

As Owner and Operator of DuMond Ag, Todd strives to drive the local agriculture industry forward and diversify the business with fresh, innovative ideas. He was drawn to the agriculture industry based on his innate love of the land and its ability to provide. Todd recognizes and thrives off of the inherent reward that comes with production agriculture.

Todd ultimately aims to operate a progressive, 21st-century farm while preserving a traditionally agricultural lifestyle. He prides himself on his team’s strong work ethic and commitment to producing superior-quality products. Todd aims to foster an enjoyable work environment at DuMond Ag. He works continuously to develop a positive work/life balance for himself, his family, and his employees.

When he is not working at DuMond Ag, Todd can be found spending every free moment with his family: his wife, Courtney, and their three children. He also enjoys outdoor sports, including skiing, hiking, rock climbing, and camping.

Dumond Farms team members in front of farm landscape

Eric Du Mond

Eric Du Mond is the founder and co-owner of DuMond Ag. As a young man, Eric attended dental school at the University at Buffalo, where he met his wife, Marge. At that time, Eric also served in the military and was eventually stationed in Germany for three years. After his service was complete, the Du Monds moved together to Saranac Lake, in northern New York. There, Eric bought a beef cattle farm and operated it for five years. After some time, the Du Monds decided to move to Central New York to start a crop farm, where the environment was much less cold and harsh. Eric and Marge, along with their two children, Todd and Erika, founded DuMond Ag in Union Springs, New York, in 1985.

In conjunction with his dental practice, Eric operated DuMond Ag., of which Todd was an integral part from a very young age. The father-son duo has worked tirelessly over the years to expand the farm and build its excellent reputation within the agriculture industry of Central New York.

For Eric, the most rewarding aspect of owning and operating DuMond Ag is the involvement with Todd. He enjoys watching the enterprise grow under Todd’s management and he takes pride in the hard work of his family. When he is not at the farm, Eric can be found playing tennis, working on cars, and spending time with his family.

Dumond Farms team members in front of farm landscape

Marge Du Mond

Marge Du Mond is Part-Owner of DuMond Ag., LLC. Originally from Niagara Falls, New York, she met Eric as a student at the University of Buffalo. After living together in Germany for three years during Eric’s service in the Vietnam War, they settled down in Saranac Lake, New York. There, Marge worked as an elementary school teacher. Together, she and her husband raised two children: Todd and Erika. When the Du Mond’s world shifted to agriculture, Marge and Eric moved to Cayuga County where Marge worked for the last twenty years as a math teacher at Auburn High School. Marge has tremendous pride in her family’s farm enterprise. She admires the hard work and commitment that has transformed their family farm into an ever-growing and successful agriculture endeavor. In her spare time, Marge enjoys playing tennis and spending time with her grandchildren.

Dumond Farms team members in front of farm landscape

Tim Foster

Tim Foster is DuMond Ag’s Crop Manager. He moved from Kansas to join our team. Tim has Bachelor and Master Degrees in Agronomy from Kansas State University. He has terrific farming experience from Colorado and growing up on a Dairy Farm in Vermont. As our Crop Manager, he will be able to use his knowledge of crunching data, optimizing soil health and yields, with his passion for being in the fields and working with the land. When Tim is not working he is spending time with his wife, Tasha and their young son, occasionally planning to visit Vermont.

Dumond Farms team members in front of farm landscape

Rick Sierzenga

Rick Sierzenga began work at Du Mond Ag in July 2015. As the‘Jack of all trades’ on the farm, Rick operates and manages the equipment and trucks, completing any daily farm operations that need to be done. Before joining the Du Mond Ag team, he worked on his uncle’s farm located in Cayuga County. Rick’s background in agriculture and countless hours spent on the farm has strengthened his love for the land. He values the privileges of working with it every day and watching it grow. Rick lives in Auburn, New York. He most enjoys shooting target practice in his spare time and spending time with his family.

Dumond Farms team members in front of farm landscape

Justin Wayne

Originally from Cayuga, New York, Justin Wayne began as DuMond Ag’s Office Manager in 2016. He is a graduate of USCS and has worked in retail sales in agriculture for over 15 years. Justin’s responsibilities at DuMond Ag include grain facility management, account and inventory management, parts ordering, filing, and maintaining organization at the farm. For Justin, the most rewarding aspect of working in agriculture is the building of strong relationships within the farm community. He appreciates the knowledge they share to help each business in the local industry grow and thrive. When he is not at the farm, Justin enjoys hunting, fishing, and making memories with his wife, Ashley, and their two young children.

Dumond Farms team members in front of farm landscape

Monte Milligan

Monte Milligan is an Equipment Operator and Farmer for Du Mond Ag, LLC. He has been working with us since May of 2017. He is excellent with the excavator and other large equipment and has been a key part of building our new bin and weigh station. When he is not on the farm then he is spending time with is family, archery hunting or helping customers at his company, MM Archery.

Dumond Farms team members in front of farm landscape

Dave Sierzenga

Dave Sierzenga has been with Du Mond Trucking, LLC since August 2017. He has been trucking for 30 years. After taking a few years off, he decided he wanted to work again part-time, he joined our team and since then has become an important member making sure the jobs get done. When he is not working, Dave can be found spending time with friends and family.

Dumond Farms team members in front of farm landscape

Tim Littlejohn

Tim Littlejohn recently start with Du Mond Ag, LLC as a Farmer in April 2018 and jumped right in with helping us get ready for planting. He has worked in agriculture his entire life, growing up on a farm. He is an operator with excellent experience. When he is not working hard with us at the farm, then he is spending time with his kids and grandkids.

Dumond Farms team members in front of farm landscape

Chris Lehman

Chris Lehman started with DuMond Grain, LLC, as the Shipping and Receiving Clerk for our Grain Facility, in April 2018. With his strong customer service and maintenance background, Chris has helped streamline our commodity shipping and receiving process. When he is not working in the Grain Facility, then he enjoys using his knowledge competing on his trivia team and spending time traveling with his wife, Stephanie, and their dogs, Murphy and Tucker.