ProMax™ Soybean Meal

(formerly known as ExPress® Meal)

The Difference

Mechanically extruded and pressed soybean meal is a product we have wanted to make for over ten years. We believe that soybean meal, when produced with quality, is a product that could benefit farmers and agriculture in New York State. Rather than shipping soybeans out of state to be ground or buying soybean meal from other states, we are now providing a local, centralized location to get high-quality soybean meal to the entirety of New York State.

The Science

~ 47% protein

≤ 7% residual oil

~ 67% bypass protein

94 – 95% dry matter

86% lysine

~ 14% aNDF

The Process

Our ProMax Soybean Meal is extruded and pressed in a highly automated facility. Our production process, on top of extruding and pressing, including crushing, cooling, grinding, and storing, is strictly controlled.

Grain Process

Benefits* of ProMax Soybean Meal for Dairy

  • Reduces the possibility of milk fat depression when fed to diary cows.
  • Increased yields of 2 to 3 lbs/cow/day when comparing to solvent meal.
  • Eliminates the need for other protein and energy sources in formulations such as solvent extracted soybean meal and other oils.
  • Increased digestible lysine and other amino acids.
  • Increased metabolizable energy due to higher residual oil content.

Benefits* of ProMax Soybean Meal for Poultry

  • Increased amino acid digestibility, including lysine and cysteine.
  • Greater metabolizable energy compared to solvent meal (Figure ##)
  • Increased percentage of dry matter means more available and useable nutrients.

Benefits* of ProMax Soybean Meal for Swine

  • Increased lysine digestibility, which is the first limiting amino acid in swine diets. This leads to increased performance!
  • Higher concentrations of nutrients due to higher percentage of dry matter.

*Per Insta-Pro

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Challenge. Provide. Lead. Feed. Is not just a Mission Statement which lives on our website, it is the way we work every day.

  • Challenge: Challenge the status quo and thrive to be more efficient and effective.
  • Provide: Provide our customers with a superior product, while providing our employees with an enjoyable work environment.
  • Lead: Lead the agricultural industry through cutting-edge innovative production and business practices.
  • Feed: Feed the world, by producing high-quality consistent products.

Therefore, if you have questions, suggestions, concerns, you want to work with us and/or if you want to buy from or sell to us, we would like to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Business Hours

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Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Delivery Hours

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