Roasted Soybean Meal


Why is Du Mond Roasted Soybean Meal better?

  • Consistency in Roasting

Historically, the main drawback to soybean processing has been the inconsistency in roasting. At Du Mond Grain we recognize the small margin of error that comes with roasting soybeans and have worked to overcome the challenge.

Our approach ensures that the roasting is done properly and efficiently. We store the soybeans in our own facilities and condition them consistently. Consistency put into the roaster yields consistency out of the roaster.

The soybeans are placed in the roaster for ninety minutes. They are continuously mixed and agitated, in order to guarantee even heat exposure. The beans are steeped (or held without cooling) for additional time, which is optimal according to Penn State, and then ground. Using intricate temperature and process controls, we are then able to reach the optimal protein dispersibility index (PDI) in the soybean meal.  According to Penn State, “The ideal PDI value for optimally heated soybeans is a value of 9 to 11”. In another study from Penn State Urease (PH) activity is important to be low <.02. Du Mond Roasted Soybean meal averages a PDI at ~10 and a Urease (PH) of ~0.0 in tests performed by Dairyland Laboratories.

Our Quality Roasted Soybean Meal

We offer GMO and Non-GMO Soybean meal.

Quality In = Quality Out

Quality In

  • We grade all soybeans coming into our facility.
  • We have a specific discount sheet, allowing us to reject the soybeans if they do not meet our standards (stringent discount scheduled.)
  • All beans are cleaned through a seed grade cleaner, then stored in a controlled, conditioned and automated environment. Quality is thus not lost in storage.

Quality Out

  • We monitor our soybeans from the time then enter our facility through the delivery of ExPress® Soy Meal.
  • There are temperature sensors throughout the entire process to ensure consistency. Consistent temperature and control are critical to have a consistent and hi-quality product.

Our Quality Focused Process


  • We grade all of the soybeans as it comes into our facility to know that we have quality commodities
  • The fully automated process optimally run, providing a consistent meal
  • Load Consistency is measured to safeguard the temperature remains consistent
  • Bean cool down is monitored and watch closely to have ideal nutrient value


  • Consistent temperature ensures the particle size is ground consistently
  • The process is automated and continually monitored to safeguard equipment optimization
  • All equipment is consistently maintained to ensure correct outcomes


  • Processing scheduled to meet and exceed demand
  • Ample storage to meet demand for an unexpected situation
  • Price product based on past, present or future trades

Our Test Results

Live Spreadsheets

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GMO Spreadsheet (Click to Expand)

Non-GMO (Coming Soon)

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  • Challenge: Challenge the status quo and thrive to be more efficient and effective.
  • Provide: Provide our customers with a superior product, while providing our employees with an enjoyable work environment.
  • Lead: Lead the agricultural industry through cutting-edge innovative production and business practices.
  • Feed: Feed the world, by producing high-quality consistent products.

Therefore, if you have questions, suggestions, concerns, you want to work with us and/or if you want to buy from or sell to us, we would like to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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